Hai friends,

I am Saranya Praveen, writer and photographer of the website. I born and bought up in Tirupur (Tamil nadu). After completing my post graduation in MBA, I got married and moved to Bangalore. I didn’t know to prepare a simple recipe before marriage. Even when my mom wants me to help her in kitchen, just try to escape from that place saying excuses, I have exams, assignments etc. Mom too leaves me believing that entire story Ha! Ha! JJ.. But after marriage cooking become part of my life, need to cook no other goJ. I started cooking simple recipes with the help of mom, MIL and my hubby too. When I started getting appreciation from my family members, I’d interest to try many more recipes from cook books, various other websites, recipes from friends and neighbors.

My hubby suggested me to post my recipes into a blog, seeing my interest towards cooking. I too loved that idea because I can feed my family with a tasty, healthy food everyday and can share those recipes to viewers as well to enjoy healthy food in their home. I am very happy to launch my own website named sarazspecial.com. I posted my first recipe on 24 sep 2015,I feel  happy seeing my recipes in my own website. I am not master in cooking, i can get expertise only through practice and encouragement from viewers. Trust me! I post only recipes which came out well and tasted by my familyJJJ

Suggestions and comments about recipes are most welcome; I expect continuous support from all viewers. For any queries contact me at tsaranya28@gmail.com.

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